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Conversion to Daenam Saoshyantem

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In the Gathas, most translators seem to agree that the literal meaning of Saoshyant is Benefactor. However, Zarathushtra clearly refers to types of Saoshyants, One type is that person who in any field of human endeavor benefits humanity, in that context, the literal translation of most translators fits well. But Zarathushtra seems to refer to religious Saoshyants, who would come with advanced doctrines or teachings, and for whom he is waiting, or wants his disciples to wait. In this context, and considering that several translators consider the word to be derived, and even a cognate (equivalent) for the Sanskrit word meaning Savior, it is clear that Zarathushtra meant Savior.

The latter Avesta presents us with a 'prophecy' by unknown persons, attributed without any evidence to Zarathushtra himself, probably in an effort to make it an important teaching. While this cannot be traced to Zarathushtra himself; it obviously elaborates on a Gathic team and generally fits in with the logical development of the idea of the religious Saoshyants, that certainly comes from Zarathushtra himself.

Furthermore, this prophecy can be interpreted rather simply by following common ancient allegorical themes, giving a clear and defining meaning to the term: "Daenam Saoshyantem".

In allegorical terms, this 'prophecy' can be interpreted as follows: Three coming Saviors: The number three here can be seen allegorical, or it can be seen as talking of 3 specific saviors among many saviors. If the former, then 3 is the number that represents fullness of Divinity, or Godhead, and might be seen as some sort of trinity of saviors, something not unknown among Aryans, and certainly present in Hinduism, and of course, as developed by Church councils in Christianity.

However, Zarathushtra does not give any hint of divinity to his Saviors. Even though, there is a reference to the True and Right Order (Asha) becoming Inboned, that is Corporeal, which could refer to an Incarnation of Asha, in reality, in the Gathas, every one is seen as incarnating, since we are all souls/spirits/minds anyway. Thus, it seems to me, there is not enough support in the Gathas for this theory.

Ergo, IMO, the 3 here represents, 3 Saviors among many that are specially singled out because:
A) They come from the Lands, that is, not from Iran AND
B) Are going to be particularly special for some reason either religiously, spiritual, political ethical or in some other way.

These Saviors are to be born at '1000 year intervals' to 3 virgins, who would be impregnated by Zarathushtra's 'seed', 'miraculously' preserved in an Eastern Iranian Lake, and guarded by 99,999 Fravashis (at this point Guardian Spirits, but originally more like the spirits of the Departed that have Crossed the Chinvat, meaning the Ashavans, who are in the Mainyava dimension)

The above is the most important part of this "prophecy". The rest is basically about the souls of the departed Ashavan's, who guarded and preserved the message of Zarathushtra, which are the 99999 fravashis or fravartis mentioned in the prophecy. (If some one wants to learn about the details, he or she, may take the appropriate courses in the soon to be inaugurated Online Daena

Daenam Saoshyantem, is a missionary religion seeking to convert according to Zarathushtra " ... all the living ... " However, the meaning of conversion and proselitization in Daenam Saoshyantem, is different in both conception and implementation, that the usual practices as they are known today.

Zarathushtra seeks to convert humanity from Delusion, to Truth and Right, thus, if they were to come from a religious tradition that ,originally, taught the same thing, but in a different form, conversion would be a choice between joining Zarathushtra's version of the Teaching of the Saviors (which, by any name is in reality, the only divine teaching for humanity), or bringing back other versions to their original teachings; eliminating the misinterpretations and manipulations of uninspired men.

Selfishly, of course, we prefer the first but the second is totally acceptable to God. This, however, should not be an excuse for having, even within, these versions of the One and Godly Religion for Humanity, those so-called BINOS, (believers in name only) who are as deluded and deceived as the ones which openly reject the True and Right Order of things.

To be a believer in the ONE's faith, then means to be a dedicated practitioner of the teachings and a constant striver against delusion and falsehood, both, within the person, and in others. For the goal is to bring delusion to an end, a choice at a time, and thus liberate men to be the creators of their own lives and the renovators of Creation. To usher in the Perfect Liberty of the Beloved Daughters and Sons of the Most Great Creator, The Good Lord of Existence.

Also, in the actual work of propagation, all believers, who are personally responsible for the spread of information about the teaching, are instructed to:
A) Inform people about Daenam Saoshyantem and its meaning to their own religions, (if they hold any) that they make informed choices.
B) Offer the choice of religion, with impartiality, respect, and without any type of manipulation or pressure.

There are reasons why until recently, the followers of the Path of Loving Good Thinking. (Advanem Vohui Manah) have not actively accepted converts in the past. In Iran, historical circumstances, mainly the hostile Islamic conquerors, first worked to cloud the issue, and then made it almost impossible to accept new members into the Faith. On the other hand, in India, a misguided fear of persecution, together with clannishness, brought about the voluntary abandonment, of what was once the very driving force of the religion. There still are those who indeed do not accept converts, because they claim one has to be born into the (their) religion from zoroastrian parents..

However the Teachings of the Saviors are very clear in this area. Zarathustra tells us that:

"song 12.6 " ... for growth in Serenity, Peace and in the True and Right Order of things shall fully convert, those who are willing (to believe in, and practice, this Path). "

"song 4.3 " ... so that I may convert all the living. "

" song 4.6 " To him shall come the best, whom, for (the sake of) the All Knowing One, shall spread my Truth ... "

So, how does one become a convert to Daenam Saoshyantem? If you live a lifestyle based on the teachings of Zarathustra, regardless any "official" conversion, you ARE a Zarathushtrian, simply by believing AND living accordingly (Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds). The few ceremonies that exist in The Path of Loving Good Thinking, date back to ancient times and exist only because people need to have them, so as to create and maintain a community.

However, to help us in practice we suggest the following rituals be followed:

Navjote or New Life: This is a ceremony of choosing to be a Zarathushtrian and committing oneself publicly to Walking The Path of Loving Good Thinking, that is the teachings of the Religion of the Saviors.
Tushnamaiti or Mediation. This is to be done in front of a Fire Urn, Kerosene Lamp, or a special Candle Light Lamp, which can be acquired from us (please write the Web Master for details) If the Fire Urn, the Kerosene Lamp, or the Candle Light Lamp for some safety reason, or in an emergency, is not available, a large candle would do.( IF there is no candle, as a last resort and with prayer, a large electrical light, even a Flashlight would do.

Tushnamaiti and all prayers are to be done (except when traveling, etc), facing the Fire in a room with an altar, where there is a haft seen table, that is a table of any size, that has upon it 7 things:
1.  A Mirror
2.  A representation of Zarathushtra
3.  A bowl/cup with fruits.
4.  A bowl/cup of Grains and Vegetables
5.  A bowl/cup of Milk
6.  A Bowl/Cup of Water
7. The Fire Urn/Lamp/Candle.

The altar maybe adorned with flowers etc. Incense ought to be burn, but even aromatic candles may be used and preferably on a wall. On top of the altar there should be the Logo (the winged Zasha), which is in our site. This altar maybe of the size you wish, but we recommend a small one for practical purposes.

All Meditations and Prayers must beging with the Ashem Vohu and they must end with the Ahunavar (Yatha Ahu). Other prayers that may be used before and after the start or end of either prayer and meditation would be the Airyamna Isho (Which follows the last Gatha) The Henghe Gaetham, and Specially the Conversation prayer, which can be used to reaffirm your Commitment. We will be coming out with a booklet with all these prayers, as soon as possible. In the mean time you can add the altar and just use the introductory Ashem Vohu and the closing Ahunavar.

Meditation with Fire is specially powerful. The same with prayers. It is recommended that one pray with all of these:
1. Your own words, talking to God as if S/He be your special Friend, Father/Mother etc.
2. Pray the Gathas, any passage that inspires you, by all means pray it and meditate on it as well.

Always bow in reverence and lift your arms when praying. There is no position for meditation other than doing in front of fire. And remember all these things are there to help your devotionals, to help you communicate, to enhance your spirituality, they ARE recommended yes, BUT they ARE optional. No dogmas!

God doesn't care about ceremonies, but your mind only! Therefore, conversion as a ceremony simply means that you join a local group of other Zoroastrians, to be part of their community.
What the ceremony needs (a "New Life, or Navjote") is the presence of the Initiate and witnesses, a coach, which may or may not be a Ratu (teacher or leader), a Sudreh, a Kushti, a small fire vase, a table with produce of Mazda's Living World, and prayers - usually, the Ashem Vohu
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Zoroastrians by choice, new Initiates, seekers and those who are interested in learning about the original teachings of Zoroaster in the Gathas, are welcome.


FIRE: Fire is the most important of Daenam Saoshyantem symbols. It has come down from the old Aryan religion. Zarathushtra applied it to Spenta Mainyu. It is called Fire of Thought and its said to be made strong by Asha. Also it is said to protect the Lovers of the True and Right Order of Things (Ashavans). Fire is, traditionally, thought to be a manifestation of God's Creative and Prospering Mind, or Reason. This is so, not only because of Zarathushtra's teaching, but also in Aryan religion, Fire, Light and Energy were thought to be symbols of Divinity and to indwell creation. Thus extreme sanctity is attributed to Fire. It is the center of all Daenam Saoshyantem Temples, which are called Fire Temples. It is used in all ceremonies and rituals. We pray before the fire, we meditate before it (but don't "worship" it). In reality, it accompanies Zarathushtrians from birth to death.


THE FAREHVAR OR FRAVARTI: It is the winged figure with the torso of a man. It is probably not originally an Aryan symbol (that's why we can have one of our own-see below).

Archeologists in Assyria have found a very similar figure. In any case it became one of the symbols of the religion. I have seen different definitions of what it represents. Mine is as follows:
The bird like figure represents the soul of man. The circle represents the wheel of creation. The wings, the soul, its ability to soar to the highest of states. The tail feathers represent the will that guides the flight of the soul, like a gyroscope, through its choices.


The Zasha: You will find the a.m., the same images of Fravartis and others, throughout the web on all Zoroastrian sites. Unfortunately, those sites do not all stand for the same beliefs. Many sites belong to groups, that see Zoroastrianism as a closed religion along ethnic lines and exclusively for those born from Zarathushti parents, and/or practice magic rites, evil spirits and other mystic things, that we firmly take distance from - the Gathas is our only Guide of Realization.The winged Zasha, our symbol for restored Zoroastrianism, NOT a modified fravahar, but our very own symbol.

This is our logoAs such we are zoroastrian restorationists, Zoroastrians for Mankind, inviting the World to convert to the Good Loving Teaching. We made a symbol for this, the "Zasha" - a curved Z with a central circle and made a logo of it. The Z of course stands for Zoroastrianism, the flames as explained above and the circle stands for the World. Thus we use the winged Zasha instead of the Farehvar, to make the subtile difference, immediately for all to see.

If you run a restorationist Z-site, please feel free to copy the winged Zasha and/or the logo and place it/them on your site and of course, notify us, so we can link up!
(we will take legal action against any abuse of this intention).

ENDLESS LIGHTS: These represent the Endless Lights, which is another name for the Zarathushtrian House of Good Mind, which is also called the House of Songs and the Better Existence. All these are simply other names for Mainyava, the Mental/Spiritual Dimension, which is the only ONE, Objective. Absolute and True Reality.picture of Zarathushtra

THE PICTURE OF ZARATHUSHTRA: There is no biographical information of Zarathushtra in the Gathas; other than the name of a daughter and the fact that she married and that he officiated the ceremony. This was not coincidental. He did not wish to be the object of a personality cult.

It is thus not a practice of Daenam Saoshyantem to do more than to honor the Manthran, like a great teacher and a Lover of the True and Right Order of Things (Ashavan). He is called Asho meaning Righteous. However, we do include one pictorial representation in this site, along with his biographical sketch. It is perhaps just an artist's imagination, because possibly no one really knows what Asho Zarathushtra looked like physically. Even the clothes in the representation are probably from the Sassanian era, nearly a thousand years after Zarathushtra. He was an Aryan before they headed south and mixed with Dravidians and Semites.

Questions and/or opinions? You're welcome on the discussion pages!

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