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# 1) Q:
Could the Jews object that Zarathushtra was the first in history to preach monotheism?
# 2) Q:
Is Zoroastrianism alien to western cultures?
# 3) Q:
Is the essence of Zoroastrianism to realize God in one self?
# 4) Q:
What started God?
# 5) Q: 
Did God, as a "person" directly communicate with Zarathushtra?
# 6) Q:
I don't see why a prophet couldn't be a thought provoker and teacher at the same time.
# 7) Q:
In Zoroastrian belief we must thus say that God never revealed Himself to people?
# 8) Q:
Isn't Creation itself a miracle?
# 9) Q:
So, God did not create these laws then?
# 10) Q: 
How can you, or anyone know?
#11) Q:
Who says so?
# 12) Q:
They are not disenchanted with the Supernatural as such.
# 13) Q:
Are you saying Zarathushtra got "permission" from God?
# 14) Q: 
I would say some prophet needs to stand up....
# 15) Q:
Do People need to believe that God, or an angel physically appeared for the prophet?
# 16) Q:
Those crimes cannot be blamed on God, or prophets as such, but on ...
# 17) Q:
That's what YOU think they need, they may disagree with that.
# 18) Q:
You say Zarathustra "realized" God, but others would say "invented" it.
# 19) Q:
What authority does Zarathushtra have?
# 20) Q:
In the YASNA, hat 45#2 Ashu Zartosht talks about two gem
# 21) Q:
Why did G-d let his revalation go through the history of the Jews and Jezus?
# 22) Q: 
But the Persian King Cyrus is God's shepherd and choosen one, in the Bible !!!
# 23) Q: Is there a particular day of the week/month, that is set aside for communal worship?
# 24) Q: What happens after death and what is the concept of immortality in Zoroastrianism?
# 25) Q: 
Are you of the Mazdaznan Movement of Zoroastrianism?
# 26) Q:
I would like to comment on the concept of miracles.
# 27) Q:
How do we know that Zarathushtra wrote the Gathas only?
# 28) Q:
Is there any discussion on the reincarnation of Zarathustra in present times?
# 29) Q:
Most kurds were Zarazustrians before converting to Islam by sword.
# 30) Q:
Who are the gods of zoroastrianism? what are their rules?
# 31) Q: 
Do non-Zoroastrians go to hell?
# 32) Q:
Yeesh! What contradictions!
# 33) Q:
How much this religion got its idea from Mitraism?
# 34) Q:
How to harmonize the concept of free will of man with the sovereignity of Mazda?
# 35) Q:
I found the site's remarks rather disturbing, a Zoroastrian Fundamentalism perhaps?
# 36) Q: 
Is it true that the Kurds were original Zarathushtis?
# 37) Q: 
What is Zoroastrianism connection to superstiton?
# 38) Q:
How does the Zoroastrian belief feel about abortion and homosexuals?
# 40) Q:
What does Zoroastianism have to do with Christians?
# 41) Q:
What is the day of worship in the zoroastrianism faith?
# 42) Q:
What is the difference between Humanism and Zoroastrianism?
# 43) Q: 
What is the zoroastrianism solution to sin?
# 44) Q:
I am a Scandinavian with a 4500 year old persian name . . .
# 45) Q: 
What is the difference between Zoroastrianism & Bahai?
# 46) Q:
Weren't the Greek Alexander the Great among zoroastrians once?
# 47) Q:
Z. appears to have come to the western ancient world 3 main ways...
# 48) Q:
Do the Parsis really think and believe that they are a superior community?
# 49) Q:
Is truth subjective or objective? Is there absolute Truth?
# 50) Q: 
To what extent does zoroastrianism speak of equality of both sexes?
# 51) Q:
Is it really true that the present day Kurds are essentially ExZoroastrians?
# 53) Q: 
Why are you so hard on Jesus?
# 54) Q:
What does Zoroastrianism say about the existence of Satan?
# 55) Q:
If God is utterly good, how did evil come about? 
# 55) R:
In response to question #55 . . .
# 56) Q:
What is your opinion on Arda Viraf: Visit to heaven and hell?
# 57) Q:
. . . I If you can be swayed so easily into another religion. . .
# 58) Q:
I would like to know what the outlook is of people raised in this kind of religion?
# 59) Q:
Was Jesus a living person?  If so, was he the Son of God. . . ?
# 60) Q: 
Is there any truth in the fact that the Arda Viraf Namak has been used by Dante?
# 61) Q:
I am a devote christian, whose fervent prayers to God for guidance . .
# 62) Q: 
Can you please detail the similarities between Zorastrianism and Hinduism...
# 63) Q:
How does Zoroastrianism view violence, to war?
# 64) Q:
Is it not possible to recognize Zarathustra as the first prophet,
while recognizing Muhammad as the last one?  
# 65) Q: 
Is there a way to be both a Christian and a Zarathushti at the same time?
# 66) Q: 
Much debate has come regarding conversion to the religion . . .
# 67) Q:
I believe God is Logic. If a religion is not logical, then it is not from God...
# 68) Q:
I am so happy to find this.  I will certainly be looking for more  Zoroastrainism.
# 69) Q:
Could you clearly define the differences between this Z religion and the other monthesic ones....
# 70) R:
In question #38 the positon of Zarathushtra is asked upon Homosexuality...
# 71) Q:
...so I was wondering what you believe will happen to me when I die as a devoted christian?
# 72) Q:
I read in some literature that Zoroastrianists do not bury, burn or let drift their dead..
# 73) Q:
Was Abraham a real person, or just a fictionary character?
# 74) Q:
What kind of hell does zoroastrianism teach and does it involve a lake of fire?
# 75) Q:
Is Angra supposed to be a real entity, like satan is supposed to be real, or..
# 76) Q: 
Is it possible for a person to be part of something greater and not even know it?
# 77) Q: 
What are the similarities between Zoroastrianism and Islam?
# 78) Q:
I would like to know the creation story of man in this religion.
# 79) Q:
If Punjabis and other subcontinent people were originally zoroastrian . . .
# 80) Q: 
Why is zoroastrianism referred to as the basis of today's major monotheistic religions?
# 81) Q:
.. lead to my reluctance to believe in an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God..
# 82) Q:
I believe that Zoroaster was the first Monotheist in human history . . .
# 83) Q:
I have read on multiple sites that Zoroastrians do not accept converts . . . .
# 84) Q:
I've read in an Islamic homepage, that in Zoroastrianism it is (or was) allowed for siblings to marry..
# 85) Q:
The world contains much evil, pain and suffering . . .
# 86) Q: 
There's a way of life called "alevi", which looks like zoroastrianism....
# 87) Q:
Are we of aryan blood, like the white people?
# 88) Q:
Interesting, I see that there are trinities etablished here also...
# 89) Q:
  Why would the egyptians report the migration of their workers to the desert?
# 90) Q:
What is Zoroastrianism Views on Ghosts... ?
# 91) Q:
How Do Jews & Christians View Zoroastrianism?
# 92) Q
Are the Archangels & Archdemons the same as the Amesha Spentas,.....
# 93) Q:
I see many similarities to Hindu and Bhuddhist thought .....
# 94) Q:
Do you guys believe in gay marriage or homosexuality period?
# 95) Q:
Isn't it contradictory that God is omniscient and...
# 96) Q:
Is there any group or homepage in Sweden for this religion?
# 97) Q:
A HU RA MAZDA: The HU that reflection of light belongs to him...
# 98) Q:
To go against God is evil.  Yes it is a choice....
# 99) Q:
This question is about religious violence...
# 100) Q:
I know some one who describes Asha as the "transcendent Harmony with/of the universe"...
# 101) Q:
I have recently been reading Thomas Paines book "the age of Reason", which....
# 102) Q:
# 103) Q:
I've read that most Zorastrians in Iran and Centralasia are cryptoreligious...
# 104) Q:
What is the make up of the Zoroastrian group...
# 105) Q:
I read in the gathas about the sacred cow .....
# 106) Q:
 What happens with those who are murderers and dont blieve in any god?
# 107) Q:
What is Zoroastrian belief about Abortion?
# 108) Q:
Was Zarathustra an astronomer?
# 109) Q:
I don't think God will wait 7 billion years to send you a message of his existence .....
# 110) Q:
With regard to question 84: Instances of next of kin marriage were certainly occuring...
# 111) Q:
What is haoma? is it a drink? do you smoke it? did aryans invent haoma?
# 112) Q:
Do you believe that Jesus Christ was a saoshyant?
# 113) Q:
You clearly do not yourself attempt to show the free will allowed by Ahura Mazda to others ....
# 114) Q:
I am a hardcore metaller ....
# 115) Q:
How was the religion of Zoroastrianism corrupted?
# 116) Q:
Are the Parsis and Zoroastrians the same? Do they practice the same kind of religious belief?
# 117) Q:
Whose is really Kabbala Jewish or Z., or lately Madonna's?
# 118) Q:
All persian including kurds and shiite have been zartoshti....
# 119) Q:
Is there anywhere in london, that I can talk to people about Zoroastrianism face to face?
# 120) Q:
Are Zazaki, Gorani, Mazandarani, and Gilaki languages (Iranian)  the closest to Avestan, or are
they more close to Parthian?
# 121) Q:
What is the Yezidis view of animals such as dogs as pets?
# 122) Q:
Why do we have different religions, when all religions believe in the same GOD?
# 123) Q:
A very fundamental question (#122) and a very good answer you gave, just that ....
# 124) Q:
Did the Persian emperors conduct their wars in the name of God?
# 125) Q:
So I wonder, can you please tell me and make me belive, that Islam (Sunni) is not the truth??
# 126) Q:
I would like to convert to Zoroastrianism, but these evidences are the only things that make me
hold on to Islam.
# 127) Q:
What is the name of the holy book of Zoroastrianism?
# 128) Q:
How do Zoroastrians pray?
# 129) Q:
What is the significance of the 72 threads of the sacred belt?
# 130) Q:
How should be the marriage between a Zarathustrian male and a non-Zarathustrian female?
# 131) Q:
Where in the Gathas does it teach what happens to you when you die?
# 132) Q:
Can you explain to me the concept of the Zoroastrian savior?
# 133) Q:
I was wondering about the story on how the world was created...
# 134) Q:
What are people called that follow this religion?
# 135) Q:
You believe That God answers prayers, Like if you ask him for something?
# 136) Q:
Thanks for all your work.You do not need to post this, since it is not a question..
# 137) Q:
Is it true that Freddy Mercury was a zoroastrian?
# 138) Q:
Is it true that Zoroastrianism faith or principles influenced Arab-Islam?
# 139) Q:
How do you explain the miracle of Fatima in the light of a God of the possible??
# 140) Q:
What does Mithra have to do with Zoroastrianism?
# 141) Q:
What does zoroastrianism say about sex????
# 142) Q:
... your expression of Zoroastrianism is nothing more than a bad amalgamation between
Hindu mysticism and Humanism ...
# 143) Q:
I'm very sad to read this entry (# 142). First of all, this guy cannot know what Hinduism is....
# 144) Q:
Just a small reply to #142 and #143.  I just want to say that i used to be a roman catholic...
# 145) Q:
What is zoroastrianism? How is it related to dualism?
# 146) Q:
There's a way of life called "alevi", which looks like zoroastrianism ...
# 147) Q:
What are the zoroastrian views towards astrology and .....
# 148) Q:
Were the maggi praticing a zoroastrian, or some other belief system?
# 149) Q:
Which animals are considered evil in Zoroastrianism and why??
# 150) Q:
If you have evil thouhts but still say good words, are you then a liar and end up in "hell", or ... ?
# 151) Q:
If there is a supernatural evil deity, wouldn't it be responsible for ... ?
# 152) Q:
One cannot simply change the Fravahar, the original symbol of Zoroastrianism ...
# 153) Q:
From what I can tell Zoroastrianism (is there a shortened form)? ....
# 154) Q:
I pray that God will make a way for you to release your anger and animosity towards other faiths..
# 155) Q:
Can anyone convert to Zoroastrianism or become a Zoroastrian?
# 156) Q:
Are Zoroastrians fire worshippers?
# 157) Q:
Is zoroastrianism polytheistic? Do they believe in many gods?
# 158) Q:
What do zoroastrians think or consider of jesus?
# 159) Q:
I heard that zoroastrianism believes in a saoshyant...
# 160) Q:
How did zoroaster die?
# 161) Q:
Do you know of any americian converts who converted to zoroastrianism?
# 162) Q:
Who is maitreya did anyone ever hear of him?
# 163) Q:
Who is mithra?
# 164) Q:
Does Zarathushtrianism believe that Ahura Mazdah, G-d, still acts today through ...?
# 165) Q:
What about the apparations of Mary, Jesus, and angels?
# 166) Q:
Hello, first I must thank you for this site ...
# 167) Q:
Most Parsis in India believe in reincarnation. What, according to you, does Zarthustra have to
say about this?
# 168) Q:
Was Jesus the Saoshyant Zoroaster prophesied?
# 169) Q:
What did Zoroaster write about the virtues of precious stones?
# 170) Q:
I feel that you are misleading people regarding how the Parsi's feel and think.
# 171) Q:
During the Arabs persecution of Iran all the Z were supposed to convert right? If so, was there ...
# 172) Q:
Would you say the religion of Zarathustra or Ahura Mazda is pantheistic?
# 173) Q:
Is the concept of having a fire-temple in accordance with what Zarathushtra taught?
# 174) Q:
 What's the difference between mazdayasni Zoroastrians and other Zoroastrians?
# 175) Q:
Were the Gathas the only books written by Zarathushtra?
# 176) Q:
How did the practice of isolation of menstruating women start?
# 177) Q:
What are Zarathushtra's thoughts on the effect of menstruating women?
# 178) Q:
What form do YOUR prayers take?
# 179) Q:
Does anyone know about the prosecution against Zoroastrians in Iran?
# 180) Q:
Is there a strong concept in Zoroastrianism, which corresponds to the Christian idea of
mercy, forgiveness and love?
# 181) Q:
...in fact I have hardly any control over my thoughts. What can I do?
# 182) Q:
How does Zoroastrianism feel about peacefully polytheistic/pagan religions in todays time?
# 183) Q:
What zarathusthra said about family violence? Was that forbidden or bad?
# 184) Q:
According to Zoroastrianism, what exactly are Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds?
# 185) Q:
In one your answer was that Bahdini was/is religion..what you mean by that?
# 186) Q:
Do Zoroastrians build places of worship, or assembly that are envionmentally friendly, i.e good
for creation?
# 187) Q:
A faith confession ...
# 188) Q:
Do Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians worship the same God?
# 189) Q:
Are there any relationships between what Zarathushtra teaches and peoples testimonies of
near death experiences?
# 189) R:
The translations done by D.J. Irani and Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb, could you could tell me if
they are worth buying or not?
# 190) Q:
What what does Zoroastrianism say about alcohol and other drugs (intoxicans) and what about homosexuals?
# 191) Q:
All the Christians I know say different religions worship different Gods. What would you say, it's all the same God?
# 192) Q:
On Zoroastrian sites I see the term "ushta te". What does it mean and how is it pronounced?
# 193) Q:
How far removed is Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb's translation from the original, as you said?
# 194) Q:
Would you say Taraporewala's translation of the Gathas is the next best translation to view after Jafarey?
# 195) Q:
On what sites can I learn more about Zoroastrianism from the Iranian perspective?
# 196) Q:
Is there a place for polygamy in The Good Religion? 
# 197) Q:
You mentioned 'The Door of Friendship'. Exactly why is this name used?
# 198) Q:
I was wondering how good the translation of the Gathas from Piloo Nanavutty is?
# 199) Q:
What are Zoroastrian views on cremation?
# 200) Q:
Do you think that over time Zoroaster's ideas will become more well known and accepted over time?
# 201) Q:
Is Zoroatrianism pantheistic and compatible with pagan traditions?
# 202) Q:
If God created us to have these two mentalities, wouldn't God be the creator of evil thoughts that lead to evil things?
# 203) Q:
Do angels, ghosts, demons and other supernatural things exist in Zoroastrianism?
# 204) Q:
What would be the proper Zoroastrian view regarding pornography?
# 205) Q:
What do the Zoroastrians do with the remaining bones?
# 206) Q:
Do Aliens exist in Zoroastrianism? Life beyond planet Earth.
# 207) Q:
I have some questions regarding how to deal with grief and loss.
# 208) Q:
Does Zoroastrianism look at the eventual end of the physical Earth, or the scientific apocalypse?
# 209) Q:
Could you direct me to somewhere in the Washington DC metropolitan area, where I could meet Zoroastrians?
# 210) Q:
What does Zoroastrianism say about remorseless criminals, who don't really have a conscience?
# 211) Q:
What is the Chinvat?
# 212) Q:
If God is so good and all wise, why did He not avoid natural distasters, killing thousands of innocent people??
# 213) Q:
In an interview the russian president claimed Zoroastrianism started in Russia. What is your opinion on that?
# 214) Q:
I was wondering if Zoroastrians celebrate Christmas and Easter, or what else similar and how?
# 215) Q:
What is the Zoroastrian explanation and response to the Buddhist view and concept of no-self(anatta), or soul?
# 216-R215:
So perhaps I should have made my question, "How does Nagarjuna answer to Zarathushtra?"
# 217) Q:
Everything has a creator, so what made god? He couldn't have just been there.
Simple explanation please.
# 218) Q:
What does it mean different when is written together as AhuraMazda, or separated, as Ahura Mazda?
# 219) Q:
Why do you have temples? Do you have people whose only work is to educate about Zarathushtism?
# 220) Q:
I asked questions #215 & #216 concerning Buddhism and have some new questions concerning God.
# 221) Q:
What is Zoroastrains official position on war, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, divorce, married priests and female priests?
# 222) Q:
This comment is my response to your post titled 'Good and Evil' (as in Q. 212)
# 223) Q:
Thanks for this web site. I always knew there had to be a different way to look at God ...
# 224) Q:
I have a body with many organs that work together to live. Thus the living creation is the Body of God...
# 225) Q:
I was just wondering is there anything mentioned on how to deal with grief?
Or is there life after death?
# 226) Q:
Would you let me make a bumper sticker for my car, using your Winged Zasha logo?
# 227) Q:
Does a horse with front legs raised, symbolize anything in zoroastrianism?
# 228) Q:
Is Ahura Mazda a male, or is it that such is referred to as "HE" is a limitation of language?
# 229) Q:
What is a para-ratu?
# 230) Q:
You mentioned para-ratus coming to western nations to perform initiations...  From where?
# 231) Q:
Are there members of your group in the Denver metro area?
# 232) Q:
Herodotus talked about the excesses of the Magi and their incestuous marriages.
Is this true or is it more Herodotus hyperbole?
# 233) Q:
What is your relationship with the Parsis?
# 234) Q:
What is the history of this particular Zoroastrian group in Miami?
# 235) Q:
It is still not very clear to me if Zoroaster himself actually wore and used the Sudre-kusti ...
# 236) Q:
.. it seems like Zoroastrians are a lot like Deists in a way ... ?
# 237) Q:
What do you think of D.J. Irani translation of the Gathas?
# 238) Q:
What is the end or goal of transformation in Zoroastrianism?
# 239) Q:
Do Zoroastrians believe that God made us through evolution?
# 240) Q:
How large is your Miami group?  Is it good sized or is it small?  What is the ethnic cross section?
# 241) Q:
Do the Persians have a fairy mythology?
# 242) Q:
From reading your responses to the questions posted on this website, I realise that cosmic dualism does not feature in your answers, so I will not mind if you do not include this post.  
# 243) Q:
In question 239, I meant do you believe God made humans through lower life forms as like monkeys?
# 244) Q:
In reading your Fear and Hatred page, I think you might have left out an important part of the dynamic
# 245) Q:
# 245) R:
You don't know the true meaning of Allah ...
The more I read of your answers it show your bias and childlike answers to defend your point of view.
# 246) Q:
Do people who believe in Zoroastrianism view the creation story in a contextual or literal way?
# 247) Q:
What is the purpose of Zoro and Zoroastrianism, other than human society pursuing idealism?
# 248) Q:
# 248) R:
Why do you call Salman Farsi a renegade Zoroastrian priest?
If a Christian, Muslim, etc converts to Zarathustra, you will classified all of them as renegades.
# 249) Q:
God program your DNA To find Him...
# 250) Q:
In #33 you state that other religions copy or borrowed from Zoroastrian ...
# 251) Q:
Don't blame religious books for causing problems.
# 252) Q:
I think you made an error in #245R by calling Israel the enemy of the Arabs from time immemorial.
# 253) Q:
I downloaded your wallpaper and was wondering what the bulls with wings mean - idols?
# 254) Q:
# 254) R:
What are your thoughts on Walter Russell works?
You like to rattle on lies that you make up to defend your point of view...
# 255) Q:
You should read some of the near death experience people, who ...
# 256) Q:
Why is your religion named after a man and why do you  use an Iranian word for God...?
# 257) Q:
What does ZOROASTRIANISM teach about the creation of the universe?
How does its teaching fit with science?
# 258) Q:
It seems to me there is a continuing confusion between the physical and the metaphysical arguments in your discussion forum.
# 259) Q:
Is there any kind of judgment according to justice at all, or are evil actions just seen as
"try better next time"?
# 260) Q:
So if you do bad things then the life you're living now will become like hell for you and if you do good deeds, this life will become like heaven for you? like a metaphor? please explain ...
# 261) Q:
Is Ahura Mazda omnipotent or not?
# 262) Q:
It appears to me that if you disregard the religious aspects, the way of Zoroastrian and Buddhist life are in theory quite identical, true?
# 262) R1:
Can Human Nature be changed (the core thesis in Marx's philosofy)?
# 262) R2:
You have the same but wrong idea about theoretical Buddhism, as unfortunately is the common one.
# 263) Q:
At the beginning of time, when God first created humans and put the two mentalities in us, then God would have known that we would have these evil and good thoughts. So how can God be totally good?
# 264) Q:
Comment on Q and A # 261
# 265) Q:
If what you say about Ahura Mazda is true, then I cannot see how the Jews got positively influenced by Zoroastrianism.
# 266) Q:
What is the Zoroastrian view of animals?  How does the animal soul/spirit compare to that of a human?
# 267) Q:
If Ahiram/Angra Mainyu is not an entity but more of a mentality, what is the origin of birth defects, disease/sickness, etc.?
# 268) Q:
I must disagree when you say ( in # 266) that animals are not able to do good or evil.
# 268) R:
Sorry to object. You wrote: "However, animals are not able to do good or evil, since ...
# 269) Q:
I wanted to know what you think about the New Age today?
# 270) Q:
God has just let the planet evolve into what we see today. I also think that is what has happened with the evil in humans. What do you think?
# 271) Q:
I was wondering if when people are converted to Zoroastrianism, should they be given Iranian culture, language, food and everything else with it?
# 272) Q:

Is evil not evil, but rather a function of the universe to set people on the right path to goodness?

# 273) Q:
What is required of someone to believe and/or to do, in order to convert to Zoroastrianism?
# 274) Q:
1. Is Shah Bahram literally "the saviour" to come in Zartoshti faith, similar to Mehdi in Shia Islam?
2. Did Zartosht appoint, or is there any documentation that Zartosht believed or appointed 12 kings ?
3. Is there any actual proof that the religion of Zoroaster remained in the family of the king only?
# 275) Q:
To supplement question #273, what kinds of practices are Zoroastrians expected to perform?
# 276) Q:
What does Zoroastrianism say about the Law of Attraction?
# 277) Q:
I strongly believe it is the manthra that is important, not whether called Zarathushtra, Buddha or Muhammad, nor believing Jesus Christ is the savior. What are your thoughts?
# 278) Q:
I am very curious what the Original Young Avesta phase was about - what could you tell me about it?
# 279) Q:
Are there specific prayers to be recited during the kushti ritual - are these chosen from the gathas? 
# 280) Q:
Would Zoroastrians (restorationists at least) think it alright for me to call myself a Zoroastrian .... ?
# 280) R:
I agree. In a multifaith world, sharing thoughts about Zarathushtra's revelation ...
# 281) Q:
.. but I find I have a lot of evil thoughts. What is the best way to fight off these evil thoughts?
# 282) Q:
Can females become Zoroastrian priests (Mobeds)?
# 283) Q:
.... Does that mean that the God of the Bible and Jesus are Daevas?
# 284) Q:
What is the difference between the Gathas being the truth and the Bible being the truth?
# 285) Q:
Do you have a certain prayer book you get prayers from?
# 286) Q:
What do you do in your worship service at your temple? What day of the week is it on?
# 287) Q:
... how can there be a god??
# 288) Q:
What is the Kushti ritual? How often and when do you do it?
# 289) Q:
How do you pray? Do you say Amen when you are done?
# 290) Q:
In what form did Ahura Mazda present himself upon Zoroaster, mentally or physically?
# 291) Q:
Can any of the Zoroastrian concepts be a rough equivalent for the life force in living beings?
# 292) Q:
Do Zoroastrians do exorcisms, or is that the exclusive property of the Catholic Church?
# 293) Q:
I have a problem with God being the source of Goodness. What/who then is the source of Evil?
# 293) R1:
Are you saying that Goodness itself, is a prove of God's existence?
# 293) R2:
This is getting philosophical. Would free will not exist in absence of any system?
# 294) Q:
Do Zoroastrians believe that God created the immortal soul, that animals don't have?
# 294) R:
About the immortal soul, or whatever makes us cognizant beings - does it exist and if so, what is it?
# 295) Q:
On a website you listed it says: Zoroastrianism - Worshippers of the MIND. What do you think of this?
# 296) Q:
Just suppose that one day, a cognizant computer would be built; an artificial being that can think, love and hate, be good and evil, etc. What would its effects on Zoroastrian belief be, if any?
# 296) R1:
You say no effect whatsoever, though I actually supposed an artifical human mind; how amazing! 
# 296) R2:
All religions believe in the spirit-soul and just this aspect, now appears to be the essential difference with Zoroastrianism, or?
# 296) R3:
How can you say that God has no supernatural powers?
# 297) Q:
Is it not wiser to bridge the gap between Restorationists and Traditionalists by giving people the choice of reading and "reflecting with a clear mind, each person for themselves", than creating an Us versus Them schism?
# 298) Q:
There is very little  historical evidence that Zoroastrianism is as ancient as some claim.
# 299) Q:
How do Zoroastrians cultivate Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds in their lives?
# 300) Q:
Why would God create people with birth defects and people born mentally handicapped?
# 301) Q:
I know there is Christian music of all kinds. Is there Zoroastrian music I can get in English?
# 302) Q:
if you guys had really studied, then you would find out that Isaiah was NOT a prophet of the exile.
# 303) Q:
I was wondering what is the best way to present Zoroastrianism and teach about God to small kids?
# 304) Q:
You are advocating converting to Zoroastrianism - why?
# 304) R:
Your warm recommendation of these "stories", taken from the Pahlavi Texts, contradicts your harsh response to my comment No.304, wherein I have endorsed the same method of introducing.
# 305) Q:
On your web site there is a Gathas verse 3:2, it says it's a free translation. Who wrote that translation?
# 306) Q:
What happens to babies that die as infants? They really don't have a conscience.
# 307) Q:
Can you please give me the verses in the Gathas that says your conscience judges you at the chinvat when you die?
# 308) Q:
I was talking to my Christian wife about how your conscience judges you when you die at the chinvat
# 309) Q:
Do you believe all religions are basically the path to God?
# 310) Q:
What do you think of Jesus as a person? Do you believe he taught good things?
# 311) Q:
In response to question 308, what if God's judgment is not eternal but temporal, would that change your view as to how 'just and loving' God could be? 
# 312) Q:
In the Gathas, Song 11 verse 19 it says (deserves the desired future-life in a fruitful living world as a reward). Fruitful living world seems to mean heaven would be an actual place?
# 313) Q:
Is there a possibility that humans' consciences could also fail at the Chinvat, so they would not feel remorse and would continue across the bridge?
# 314) Q:
It seems you believe a lot like Buddhists in a way, except you believe in a creator God and they don't.
# 315) Q:
Actually Deists are free thinkers. Some believe in a personal God and some don't.
# 316) Q:
Every one of us has different morals about what's right and wrong...
# 317) Q:
It sounds like in your discussions, your leaning towards the "Reincarnation for Purging".
# 318) Q:
..Does this mean Zarathushtra says there are more Gods out there than just Ahura Mazda, or is ... ?
# 319) Q:
What do Zoroastrians think of the Mazda car company?
# 320) Q:
What do Zoroastrians believe God does?
# 321) Q:
In Zoroastrianism does it say that you cannot have sex before marriage like islam?
# 322) Q:
Are you familiar with Mark Willey and his writings and what is your opinion about those?
# 323) Q:
Since everyone has different morals on what's right and wrong, when you die, your conscience could just say to itself, that I did what was right.
# 323) R:
Thanks, I think I understand now, that we get judged on things that God has placed in our conscience that is universal Good and Bad. Things that are common sense to all.
# 324) Q:
Thank you on this site! Thank you for teaching us about one beautiful ancient religion!
# 325) Q:
Are the Gathas considered the word of God? Is Zoroastrianism a revealed religion?
# 326) Q:
If your god and all the gods people worship, are so powerfull and are of goodness, why have people drifted so far apart with reality. Are we all not gods creation?
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