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If Right and Wrong would be what Benefits or Harms people and our World around, it would be a better place!
  (Good Loving Thinking)    Matthew:  22:39  /  5:44      (Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds)
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Zarathushtra-beware Zarathushtra (Zoroaster by his Greek name) called his message: (who was Zarathushtra?).
"The Spiritual Teachings of the Saviors".
Originally designed to primarilly be a Spiritual Faith, rather than a "religion" (what's the difference?),
it already in an early stage became a religion that was influenced by ancient Aryan beliefs and introduced misconceptions, deviating it from the original teachings of Zarathushtra. As a result, also today's Zoroastrianism isn't 'unified', but exists in various forms, as you will find on the web.

Zoroastrianism actually is the very basis and central building block of the major World Religions, that sadly have failed to keep their original teachings free from many excessive dogmas and ritualism.
(see: similarities with and influences on world religions)

zoroastrian cyber tempel


Hope however rises in our time again, if and when the original Teachings of the Saviors will be restored, by following the guidelines, which are preserved in the Gathas of Zarathushtra, thousands of years before the Bible came about, realizing an ever unique concept of The One God Creator, who is not about Fear, Guilt, Torment and Condemnation!

There are neither sins nor sinners in God's eyes, nor condemnation and damnation in God's heart. He/She is your best friend, who is incapable of doing harm and therefore never will destroy our world in an (the) Apocalypse.
Visit our Fire Temple Who fears God, doesn't know God!    (His/Hers name is Mazda Ahura)

Now is the time to raise again the profound Spiritual Teachings of Zarathushtra, the forerunner of all Saviors, and to bring these teachings to their original and divine harmony - that is the mission of this web site.

3magiShortly after Christmas (Jan. 6), we celebrate the Three Kings, who, guided by a star, arrived at Bethlehem and payed homage to the infant Jesus. However, did you know these three men in fact were no kings, but Zoroastrian priests, called the Magi in the original Greek text of the Gospel of Matthew? It is translated in the King James Version as "wise men" and also by Daniel in earlier Hebrew scriptures (Daniel 2:48). The Magi followed an allegorical Zoroastrian prophecy about three Saviors to come - they were looking for Jesus!
It is the first occurrence in the Christian Bible, that Jesus is recognized as a Savior !

Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion in History and the official (world) religion of the Persian Empires, then ruling over half the known world, where the Magi were a religious caste. The three Magi in Bethlehem were Zoroastrian missisonary priests, astronomers and teachers of techniques, that looked like magic to ancient people and it also led to the English term magic, while the Magi were no magicians at all, but wise men indeed!
(read more about them here)

coal fired stove
When I was around 4 years old, we had a coal-fired stove in the living room and my mother warned me that it was hot and I should not touch it. Then she turned her back, sweeping the floor, and I decided to check it out, by placing the palm of my hand (softly, fortunately) against the hot stove.

In spite of the intense pain, I didn't give a sound and for days I took care my mother wouldn't see my reddish palm, until it looked normal again - she never found out about my "sin".. Had I been old enough, my mother likely wouldn't have warned me, assuming I'm "wise" enough not to do such a foolish thing. If yet, there would have been no reason for her to punish me, as I then had punished myself already - she would take care of healing my hand instead. As a 4-year old, I was afraid she would become angry and punish me.

In analogy, my mother was "God", a punishing one for me as a  4-year old, but a caring one at older age, allowing me to punish myself. In Zoroastrianism, this is God in essence, He/She lets us punish ourselves when we make the wrong choices, and so we don't have to fear God, but rather our own ignorance instead. Zarathushtra urges us to eliminate ignorance, so we will make the right choices, thus rewarding ourselves ....  already in this life ... and consequently, in the Hereafter!
Please to help us all, to renovate our battered World!
               (a call to renovate the World)
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