World Figures talk about Zoroastrianism

To believe in Zoroastrianism is one thing, as you can do that, or think to do, without living according to Asha.
Martin Luther King Jr.
To live according to Asha is an other thing, as you can do that without believing, or even knowing about Zoroastrianism.
Doing neither is being ignorant; doing both is being wise..
Barack Obama and King AbdullahZarathushtraPuttin and Kahmenei
Yassir Arafat,
the father of modern terrorism!Osama Bin LadenAhmadinejad had it wrong again..
Al-Qaida's deputy leader Ayman al-ZawahriZarathushtraSatan, Devil, BeelzebubPope Benedict XVI
King Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaMichael JacksonNelson Mandela
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..and abusively,
in military uniform as well!