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the Spiritual Teachings of the Saviors

Zarathushtra was the First Universal Teacher of the Saviors
(his biography)
Zarathushtra the Manthran (teacher)

Zarathushtra was a teacher, but, more than a teacher; he was a Universal Teacher. He was a Seer, but more than a Seer, he saw the coming of the Saviors of the Lands, the different masters, the benefactors, Saviors and prophets of the different lands on the Earth. He cries out to Mazda Ahura, the Most Wise and Generous Creator, the Good Lord of All Existence, and he cries out:

Wise One, Generous and Great Creator, for our knowledge, speaks with the very words of Your mouth.
It will help me guide all the living to choose aright.
My translation of Gathas: Song 4, stanza 3 (second part of verse)

In this stanza Zarathushtra establishes several key things that we must understand, if we are to be able to interpret the Gathas, or any other religious book related to Daenam Soshyantem, The Spiritual Teachings of the Saviors.

First he established that the creator is the fount of knowledge, a knowledge that humans lack, but is in the nature of the Creator to have. Thus humans must seek Divine Guidance.

Second, this Divine guidance comes from the Voice of God, or Seraosha, which indwells Creation and it’s there to reveal the Creator’s nature and purpose to the Creation. Thus the phrase “…speak with the very words of Your mouth … “ is a reference, not a physical mouth, since the Creator is spirit and thus has no physical mouth. It's Seraosha, the Voice of God, the Voice that Ought to be Obeyed, if we desire to attain the goal, which is a happy and blissful return to our Creator and the mainyava or spiritual/mental dimension of existence.

Third he declares in this stanza the Universality of his guidance or teaching. For its purpose is “… to guide all the living to choose aright.” i.e. to choose Asha, to choose the Divine guidance, the very word Voice of God that can be found in the Gathas, in Creation itself and in prayer and meditation.

fire line

Having realized unto Good Loving Thinking,
when shall I see you, O Law of Truth and Right?
When shall I find the path to the Most Powerful Good Lord of Existence,
and listen to the voice of the Most Wise One, the Great and Generous Creator?
With these greatest thought-provoking words,
we shall convince the barbarians to choose the right spiritual teaching.

My translation of Gathas: Song 1 - stanza 5

Having realized, in himself and others the Divine Aspect of Good Loving Thinking, which is the ability to love the good and think good thoughts, in loving a Divine aspect, that, when personally realized, can and will change the person and the world, Zarathushtra seeks for more. He seeks for the ability to ‘See’, and thus understand The Divine aspect, which is the Law of Truth and Right and the ability to find the path.

To God, who he describes as the Most Wise, Generous and Great Creator (Mazda and The Good Lord of All Existence (Ahura), he understands that the Path, which he later calls the Path of Vohumanah, is powerful. It has “… these greatest of thought provoking words …” (manthras) and that through these words, the barbarians, that is the ignorant followers of illusion, will be converted and choose the Right Spiritual Teaching.

fire line

Zarathuhtra goes on:

He, who opposes the false ones, whether ‘gods’ or their men, denies them just as they deny Him in spirit, or with their thoughts, and unlike others, acknowledges Him with correct and willing spirit, is, through his Prospering Spiritual Teaching, the Savior and Master of the Abode a friend, brother, and father, (like) Mazda Ahura.

My translation of Gathas: 10-11

The person who steps away from the illusion and deception of the Druj, which is the illusionary and deceitful nature of sense perceived reality, denying allegiance to either false divinities (of which he mentions elsewhere that they are the creation of Bad Thinking and disdain), or their followers, and accepts the Creator, with the right spiritual and mental attitude, becomes, through the “prospering” (meaning prospering and creative) Spiritual Teaching, that is, the Daenam Soshyantem, the Spiritual Teaching of the Savior/Benefactors, him or her self, a savior or benefactor, a Master of the Abode, ( probably a reference to Garo Demana, The Abode of Songs) and a friend, a brother and father to others, like Mazda Ahura Himself. That is, he or she attains the Dominion/Kingdom, Completion and Immortality, and becomes God like.

fire line

Now, they shall be the Saviors of the Lands, who follow the satisfaction of Loving Good Thinking and base their actions on, through the Law of Truth and Right, on Your Teachings, Most Wise Generous and Great Creator. They indeed have been made to fight fury.

My translation of Gathas: 13-12

Here Zarathushtra uses the previous stanza to Introduce the concept of saviors and benefactors and now he introduces the Spiritual Saviors and Benefactors who are to come, and describes how to identify them, for they will: A) Follow Good Loving Thinking and B) They will base their actions on the Divine Spiritual teachings, which is Zarathushtrian in origin, and they will do this through observing The Law of Truth and Right.

fire line

When, Most Wise Generous and Great Creator, shall those days dawn which will, for the maintenance of the world of the True and Right Law, Motivate the understanding of the Saviors with advanced teachings. To whom shall this understanding come with Loving Good Thinking to help? For myself, Lord, I choose Your Teachings.

My translation of Gathas: 11-3

Here Zarathushtra is actually confirming that revelation, or, shall we better say Divine Guidance, will continue to further add to the understanding of men, as the Saviors will have been guided or “motivated” by Divine Guidance (Seraosha) and will come with advanced teachings.

fire line

The latter or Young Avesta prophecy on the 3 Saviors

“Also as to the birth and arrival of Ushedar, son of Zartosht, at the end of the first millennium, and a report of him and his time, and of the many destroyers of the organizers of the period between Zartosht's millennium and the coming of Ushedar. 13. The arrival of Ushedarmah, son of Zartosht, at the end of the second millennium; information about him and his time, and the destroyers of the organizers, who were within the millennium of Ushedar. 14. The coming and arrival of Soshyant, son of Zartosht, at the end of the third millennium, the destroyers of the organizers who were within the millennium of Ushedarmah, the arrival of Soshyant, and information about Soshyant and his time. 15. Also, as to the renovation of the universe and the future existence, it is declared that they arise in his time. “(Spend Nask).

Although this is a Pahlavi work, it contains earlier material of the Young Avesta. It is important to note the meaning of the names of the saviors.

Ushedar:        it means in Middle Persian Father or Creator of light/enlightenment.
Ushedarmah: Father of the Moon’s light.

Soshyant is Middle Persian for Savior. Here it refers to THE Savior that is the final savior who will usher in Fresho Kereti, the Making Wonderful, or Fresh of the Cosmos.

fire line

The happiness You grant has been promised to the two sides through Your mental fire and the Divine Law of Truth and Right. It’s a matter of principle for the discerning.
Wise One, Generous and
Great Creator, for our knowledge, speaks with the very words of Your mouth. It will help me guide all the living to choose aright.

Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 3

Zarathushtra states that God, the granter of happiness, has promised the two sides, being the followers and lovers (ashavans) of The Law of Truth and Right (Asha), and the followers of, or lovers of IIllusion (Druj, being illusion and dregvants its followers) through His “mental fire”, that is through the fire or power of God’s very intellect. For those who discern this, it is a principle to live by.

For our knowledge, God will speak (through Seraosha , God’s Voice or Communication (meaning that he is not necessarily talking of actual speech, but either speech in a vision), or in some other form of communication. Words that will help guide Zarathushtra to convert all the living. He goes on in the same spirit to state:

Speak to me so that I can discern what has been made better with the law of Truth and right and know and realize through good loving thinking what has been granted to me as a seer. Also, Mazda Ahura, the things that will and will not happen.

Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 5

Thus Zarathushtra claims both illumination and direct guidance, as a seer, by which he means that he has visions in meditation, which guide him, not only on what to say, teach and do now, but of what is to come, mainly the Saoshyants of the Lands, meaning the Saviors/Benefactors, the bringers of spiritual teachngs from the lands or nations of man.

In the above context it is undeniable that Zarathushtra saw himself as the forerunner and thought Provoker, who provoked the thinking of the Saoshyants, the Saviors/Benefactors of the lands. It is with this in mind that we approach his statements on the Saoshyants and the Latter or Younger Avesta ‘prophecy’, about the Three Saoshyants or saviors, which follow below.

fire line

Good Lord of All Existence; this is the same Path of Good Loving Thinking that You have shown me. It is the spiritual doctrine of the Saviors by which good deeds lead only through the Law of Truth an Right to happiness, the promised reward for the beneficent, a reward, Most Wise and Generous Great Creator solely given by You.

My translation of the Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 13

This I ask You, tell me truly, Lord.
That Spiritual Teaching is the best for the living,
which promotes the world through the Law of Truth and Right
and which polishes words and actions in serenity.
Therefore, the yearnings of my mind are for You, Wise One.

My translation of the Gathas Song 9 Stanza 9

How shall I know, Most Wise, Generous and Great Creator, that You have power through the Law of Truth and Right over those who menace me, or are harmful to me? Let the web, woven by Loving Good Thinking, be truly shown to me (through Seraosha, Your Voice), so that the Savior knows what his lot shall be.

My Translation Gathas: Song 13.9)

In this very interesting stanza, we can see that the Saviors would gain their knowledge, their inspiration, their guidance, because they would have that guidance already in ZARATHUSHTRA. that is IN THE GATHAS (elsewhere in the Gathas, Zarathushtra states that Seraosha dwells in the Gathic Manthra , or message itself, besides being available through meditation and prayer.

To conclude, Zarathushtra is no mere Aryan seer (rshi or ereshi). He is THE Manthran the Thought Provoker, whose Divinely Inspired thoughts (through and by the Voice of God/Seraosha) ‘provoked‘ the thought process that eventually inspired the saviors!!! The Aryan Manthran is the source of the Spiritual Teachings of the Saviors. He is the Universal Teacher for Humanity.

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